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Anaplan, Cornell Store Front, Corrigo, Engineering Excellence, Genesis Services Group, Global Facility Management & Construction, Harrison Physical Therapy, Legionaries of Christ, NexGen, Regnum Christi, Ruby Tuesday, ServiceChannel, VMC Facilities, and Walmart.


What People Say

I have known and respected Charisse for many years as a fellow supplier in the facilities industry. It was great to finally have a chance to work directly with her at Blue Action Consulting. We needed to customize our Salesforce platform for more consistent user performance and greater reporting insight. She became a quick member of our team, has a deep understanding of how facilities companies can take full advantage of CRM systems, and delivers what she promises! She is detailed, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Charisse and her team at Blue Action Consulting!

Bill Freeman
Bill Freeman
Vice President – Sales
Academy Fire Life Safety, LLC

Charisse Rubio and her team at Blue Action Consulting have been engaged with Genesis Services Group for the past year as part of our brand and message initiative. Charisse has a long history of communicating and understanding the shifting needs of clients in the Facilities Maintenance industry. We chose to seek out Blue Action and Charisse for her particular interest in technology systems and their impact, past, present and future on our industry. We found Blue Action and Charisse to be a dedicated and trustworthy partner whose focus is the unbiased support and dedication she brings to her clients. Consultants are usually hired to fulfill a particular need. That task was accomplished within the first 90 days of working with GSG. Since then Charisse and her team have been able to help in several adjacent objectives that were not on the original ask. Blue Action doesn’t pitch ideas, they bring solutions. If you need input or a just a review of a process, I recommend that you allow Charisse and Blue Action to “bring the ideas”, you may get a lot more than you asked for.

Tom Bevacqua
President and CEO
Genesis Service Group and ABBY 1-2-3
“VMC is so pleased that we hired Charisse and Blue Action Consulting to help improve our business processes and fully develop our Salesforce system. We’ve had many positive comments about her work and the training she is conducting with our whole team. I personally think the results are great and enjoy working with her! Her patience and effort to understand our business has been impressive. With Charisse’s guidance, I’m confident that we will reach the best solutions, even with some long-term sensitive topics. All her extra efforts to do what it takes, and make last-minute adjustments whenever necessary, will help to make our change process go better and smoother than we have ever experienced.”

Tammie Shaver
VP Strategic Projects
VMC Facilities, LLC
“Charisse was a great partner for a number of years and when she branched out to start Blue Action, I immediately contacted her to help us with some important projects – her work ethic, technical skills, passion, integrity, and relationships are all terrific!!!”

Tom Buiocchi
President & CEO

“Charisse did research for us on CMMS vendors. I have found the information to be very thorough and helpful. It was indeed a pleasure to work with her on gathering this data for us to begin our process of selecting a vendor. Thanks Charisse and I highly recommend her firm.”

Ralph Oakes
Manager of US Facilities
“Charisse is a talented individual who truly knows the meaning of hard work to help make any company successful. It has been my pleasure to have been able to partner up with Charisse for different projects and committees going on for over 12 years now.  She is passionate, customer driven and loyal; I couldn’t ask for a more trustworthy person to have on a team.”

Gordon Bruner
Chief Manager/Owner
VMC Facilities, LLC
“It is an honor to write a recommendation for a person who I truly admire and respect, Charisse. I had the privilege of working with Charisse on the PRSM Board of Directors and the PRSM Vendor Relations Committee. In both capacities I worked directly with Charisse to accomplish the business objectives of PRSM. Charisse is a very dedicated, intelligent, hard working professional who takes charge of any challenge and sees it through to completion. Any Team or Board would be lucky to have her and her talents as part of their organization. Frankly speaking, I look forward in working with Charisse in the future because she is that good!”

Chris Slocum
Cornell Storefront Systems
“Charisse is an exceptional supplier, who leads by example for the rest of the industry,” said Bryan Walker. “Her passion is contagious and PRSM has been fortunate to benefit from her dedication to the industry.”

Bryan Walker
Store Facilities Manager at The Container Store
2015-16 Chair of PRSM Association Board of Directors
“I was introduced to Charisse in 2013 as we were discussing a Salesforce.com project for her. She was a delightful person to work with who was very accommodating during the project. She has a great business mind and I highly recommend her.”

Matt Mountain
, President and Founder. (Salesforce.com and Pardot Implementation Partner)
NexGen Consultants, Inc
“Since joining Roto-Rooter in 2013, I have worked with Charisse on several business-critical applications and processes. Charisse brings tremendous value to each of the projects not only from the Roto-Rooter business perspective, but more importantly the customer lens! Her passion and commitment is one to be commended and I look forward to working with her on future initiatives.”

Paul Naglich
Chief Technology Officer
Roto-Rooter Services Co
“Charisse has been an invaluable member of RFMA since our inception. In 2013 she was presented with the MVP Award, which is given to an individual each year who has been a most valuable player on the RFMA team and deserving of special recognition for going above and beyond. When Charisse came to our first Vendor Rally in 2005 she asked immediately what she could do to get involved … and get involved she has!! Since that time she has served as the Program Committee Co-Chair, was a Vendor of the Year recipient and the Vendor Representative to the Board of Directors, and was a member of the Editorial Board for our association magazine. Charisse currently serves on the Advisory Council and served as co-chair of the RFMA Gives Steering Committee for the first three years of its existence. Charisse jumps in wherever she sees a need and gives 110% to whatever she does. I honestly don’t think RFMA would be where we are today without Charisse!”

Tracy Tomson
Executive Director
RFMA (Restaurant Facility Management Association
“It has been a privilege to know Charisse and to work with her in various capacities through PRSM Association. She is a well respected professional whose insight and advice are valuable to me and to her peers. She can be strategic or tactic depending on the circumstance; but always thoughtful. She fully commits to whatever she undertakes and shares her knowledge freely. It’s my pleasure to know her.”

Patricia Dameron
Executive Director
Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) Association
Detail oriented, hard working, focused, compatible.

Jerry Ling
Retired Sales Manager
Kroger Manufacturing
“I have worked with Charisse and her team on several, very different, projects ranging from small retail service to large Distribution Center service fulfillments. Charisse has an extensive knowledge of her craft but her real value is in her ability to create a client’s vision. Charisse got the job done on time and at cost every time. At the end of each assignment, it was a typical response from client and peers alike to be amazed, gratified and astounded that she created a vision better than they imagined!”

Robert Berg
Independent Consultant
(formerly National Director of Facilities Services, Expert NJS and Sales Manager, Facility Source)

“Charisse is a great asset to RFMA as a member, vendor representative to the board and a member of the Advisory Council. She is always looking for ways to be of assistance. Charisse definitely gives 100% when involved in any project!”

Debi Kensell
Education Director
Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA)
“Charisse is an inspirational sales and operations leader that produces breakthrough results via the commitment to goal attainment and development of the individuals around her. Further she possesses extremely well honed relationship skills and exudes a genuine interest in her clients and colleagues. She is a pleasure to work with and would add value to any organization lucky enough to have her on their team.”

Susan Spring
Sr Director, Customer Success
“Charisse is very well known as a champion of relationships in our industry/marketplace. Every interaction I’ve had with her (over many years) has been an absolute pleasure. Charisse has always demonstrated the qualities of someone with whom I am proud to be associated with both professionally and personally.”

Dave Perry
Director of Sales
“Imagine her surprise when Charisse parachuted into a recently funded dotcom startup that had raised $31 million but was short on process and planning. With the patience of Job, Charisse helped PlanetFeedback grow from a well funded idea to an functioning business, tightly managing our interactions with our users by ensuring that we were pointed in the right direction as we accelerated.”

Dan Coates
Dan Coates
President and co-founder
Ypulse, Inc.
“I have known Charisse for more than 20 years and have worked with her in a number of capacities. Charisse has a broad spectrum of experience spanning sales management, strategy development, project management, process improvement and computer systems implementation. There are several facets of Charisse’s talents that seem to be a common thread in all of these successes. Namely, she develops processes that will lead to success, she communicates the processes to the appropriate players and she has the follow up skills to help drive the discipline to adhere to the processes. I have seen Charisse use these same skills time and again to drive success.”

Greg Zarick
Greg Zarick
Co-worker at DuBois Chemicals and
Roto-Rooter Services Company
“I worked with Charisse for many years at DuBois Chemicals, both of us serving in senior management roles. Charisse is dedicated, insightful, thorough and a colleague respected by all who worked with her.”

Ted Light
Ted Light
Associate Professor & Chair at Miami University
(former co-worker & supervisor at DuBois Chemicals)

Charisse Receives PRSM2016 Supplier of the Year Award

Charisse Rubio [formerly Charisse Luckey], President of Blue Action Consulting, received the Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) Association 2016 Supplier of the Year Award. PRSM’s Supplier of the Year Award is presented annually and honors excellence by a supplier to the retail facilities maintenance industry. Nominated by her peers for this recognition, she received this award on Tuesday, April 26, 2016, during a special luncheon at PRSM2016 National Conference in Long Beach, CA.

AWARDS:• PRSM Supplier of the Year, 2016• RFMA MVP, 2013• Retail Facility Maintenance Professional (RFMP) designation, 2009 – present• First RFMA Vendor of the Year, 2006

INDUSTRY HONORS / APPOINTMENTS:• RFMA Advisory Board member, 2009 – present• Expert Panelist at PRSM annual conference, 2014-2016• ServiceChannel Contractor Advisory Board, 2013-2016• Corrigo Work Track Vendor Council, 2014-2015• Co-Chair for charity arm, RFMA Gives, 2011-2015• PRSM Advisory Committee member, 2013-14• PRSM Board Member (and officer/secretary in final year), 2010-13• Real Estate Investment Association Industry Partner Council Chairperson, 2010-11• RFMA Board Member, 2007-09• Madison e-Zone Board of Mentors, 2001-04• The Women’s Circuit Board Member and Vice President, 2002• Expert Panel Member, CRM Expo, 2000 & 2001

PRSM (Professional Retail Store Maintenance) AssociationRFMA (Restaurant Facility Management Association)


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